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Salt Lake County’s Most-Reliable Plumbing Team

At All Star Service & Repair, we rely on our customers for repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. We’ve become Salt Lake County’s leading plumbing service, and for 60 years we’ve built a reputation for quality plumbing repairs, professional service, and affordable prices. Below you’ll see just a few of the kind words our customers have to say about us. When you need effective plumbing solutions, feel free to contact us. We’re here to serve you.

My sewer line had been having problems for several years and I had it cleaned 1 time a year hoping to prevent any further problems. Between cleanings it flooded again and this time it flooded my basement and I wanted it fixed right. Previous companies told me I needed to dig up the entire sewer line to fix my problem. So, I asked my friend from work and he said call All Star plumbing that they specialize in this type of work and had done a repair for his parents and they were very pleased with the job. So, I called All Star and they came out the next day and did a free video inspection (other companies in the past told me $300 for the same service). All Star came out and had several options to repair the line without digging any of my yard or the street up and the icing on the cake was they helped me get the project reimbursed under my homeowner insurance. WOW talk about amazing!! No one else had ever even mentioned it or that it was even an option. Hands down the most knowledgeable and experienced company when it comes to this type of plumbing issue. Thanks again, All Star! I will use you guys again for any plumbing needs and recommend your company to everyone.

Awesome job! | David Bailey | SLC, UT, 04/14/2015

All Star Service & Repair helped me out when I was in a tight spot. They had a competitive price and got the job done quickly. I would recommend them to all my friends.

I would recommend them… | Steve Johnson | Orem, UT, 09/15/2016

My bathroom sink and tub were slow to drain, so I dialed up All Star and asked about their $49 Drain Cleaning Special. They had someone arrive within the hour! Professional, Clean, and Quick! These guys solved my problem for 49 bucks! I'd recommend them to anyone!

Professional, clean, and quick. | Alvin Wayman | Riverton, UT, 12/03/2015

All Star came out, did a super-fast job on a leak that destroyed a basement, helped with insurance, were there late on a Friday night. They really did the job well. Got my rental tenants back in their houses and back to normal life. This repair helped a ton because it was cold and no one wants to be out of a place to be than their own home in the winter months. Great job, I will recommend to my other friends with rentals in the future.

They really did the job well. | Jedediah Hardman | South Jordan, UT, 12/17/2015

I had an issue with the kitchen sink and a leaking pipe. The service tech, Alan, came out on 12/11/15 with another associate and fixed the sink and replaced the pipe. They were fast and very friendly and told me everything they were doing and the cost before they started work. I will use this company in the future for any plumbing issues. Thanks for the great service.

Great customer service! | Diana | Singleton, UT, 12/17/2015

Very reasonably priced and super nice staff. Highly recommend them. The plumber was super nice and had a lot of experience so getting the drain going was very quick.

Very reasonably priced. | Patty Laforte | Murray, UT, 12/23/2015

These guys are fantastic and do top quality work. They are understanding, flexible and fully explain the issues and the solutions. I would use them again and highly recommend using them for all plumbing needs.

I would use them again. | Brad Greenhalgh | Salt Lake City, UT, 01/14/2016

I had a main line clog, and I called All Star Service & Repair. Upon unclogging the main line for only $150 (bids from other companies ranging from $300-500) they sent the camera down the line to show me, so I could see for myself how my sewer line looked. Horrible news, but my lines needed a trenchless sewer line replacement. All Star had the line replaced completely in 3 days. From drilling out the concrete for an access point, replacing the sewer line, and patching up the concrete. They were professional, very clean and respectful working in my house. Not to mention the cheapest bid! They made the experience the best they could for the situation. I would recommend them to anyone!! Thanks Again!

Clean, quality, and professional service.| David Gallegos | Midvale, UT, 01/22/2016

I had a sewer line break under my home. Travis and his crew, Adam, Bret, and Val, were so helpful, courteous, and fast! They were very careful to explain the problems, help me consider my options, and then keep me posted throughout the entire project. It ended up being a big job, and they were careful to make sure everyone stayed on task and got the job done in 5 days. We even had a few surprises that were dealt with almost seamlessly. I highly recommend All Star!

Amazing people to work with! | Janeen Wright | Bountiful, UT, 02/12/2016

This company was awesome! I had a problem with my plumbing, and they came out the day of and found the problem and fixed it immediately! Bret, the plumber, knew exactly what was wrong and his knowledge was very comprehensive. There was a break in my lines, and he dug up my concrete and fixed it and put new water lines in as well. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys to anyone who had a plumbing problem!

They found the problem and fixed it immediately. | Kerry Nielsen | West Valley, UT, 02/18/2016

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