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Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems can lead to some of the most expensive repairs in a home. A properly functioning plumbing system does not draw attention. A defective one, potentially causing catastrophic leaks and property damage, certainly does. Maintenance should be one of the plumbing services for which you regularly rely on professionals.

To understand why regular plumbing maintenance is so important, let’s discuss what your plumbing system does. This network of pipes, appliances, and fixtures is not passive. It is an active system that provides you with a range of amenities, including water for:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Laundry
  • Drainage
  • Garbage disposal
  • Sewer service

Every time you cook, clean the dishes, or do the laundry, you rely on the plumbing system to do its job. If something goes awry, you may be without one or all of these for days, weeks, or even longer if the problem isn’t fixed. When it comes to needing service, a plumber is an eventuality. No pipe or fixture lasts forever, and there are many problems that can arise, including issues with:

  • Supply/Drainage Pipes: A pipe may suddenly burst or develop a leak over time. It may be a loose connection, or the lining may have rusted away. Then again, foreign objects or deposits within the pipe may cause blockages that cut off your water supply or cause a backup.
  • Valves: A loose or malfunctioning valve can cause anything from a hint of moisture to a flood. Water may pool up behind the toilet or in the basement. You might think tightening it with a pair of pliers will close the valve and stop the leak, but something as small as a mineralized nut can break and cause an all-out flood.
  • Sewer Lines: The sewer lines connected to your plumbing can cause trouble; you may hear a strange gurgling from within the walls or under the floors or experience a backup or odor. Trouble can be avoided if you have professionals maintain the plumbing system and repair sewer pipe as needed.
  • Kitchen Appliances: The plumbing from your kitchen sink extends deep within your home. A drain cleaner may temporarily stop water from backing up, but it won’t stop a leak that can damage the floor or even the entire structure. Problems with dishwashers and other appliances that use water can contribute to the mess as well.
  • Garbage Disposal: A common sink problem, the garbage disposal is susceptible to plumbing issues because food scraps are constantly being thrown into it. Stuffing in meat, corn husks, starchy foods, and grease can lead to a clog, as can not running enough water down the drain. Improper use can also lead to major pipe damage.
  • Water Heater/Furnace: Your plumber may be able to provide HVAC service, maintaining and repairing components that supply and exchange fluids. Declines in heating or cooling performance, efficiency, or air quality need to be addressed before your comfort, wallet, and health may be affected.

Common Sink Problem Repair

Benefits of Maintenance

Maintenance and prompt service as soon as there are signs of a problem are crucial to avoiding major (and avoidable) problems. Stick to your plumbing company’s repair plan, and you will see the following benefits:

Lower Costs

There may be a set price for a maintenance visit. However, the costs of repairs and hiring a plumber for quick help vary, as HomeAdvisor has revealed. Their numbers paint a tough picture—you may spend anywhere from $45 to $150 per hour on a plumber, while a typical job can range from $160 to $430, not including the often extraordinary expenses for cleaning up and repairing water damage. Nationally, the average cost for a plumbing project is just over $300.

Here are more reasons not to wait for repairs. Some of the average prices for fixing plumbing fixtures and appliances come to:

  • Clogged Drain: $208
  • Water Heater Installation: $963
  • Water Heater Repair: $533
  • New Pipe Installation: $1,041
  • Sump Pump Repair: $484
  • Sump Pump Replacement: $1,134
  • Toilet Repair: $208
  • Drain Line Repair: $582
  • Sink Installation: $384

Cost savings is perhaps the primary reason homeowners need to consider regular plumbing maintenance. Any repair or consequence will eat into your wallet, but there are other reasons to consider maintenance besides the financial ramifications of putting it off (including more expensive plumbing and sewer pipe repair).

Longer Lasting Plumbing

A clog in your pipes not only reduces water pressure and availability. It can also shorten your plumbing system’s lifespan. Any increase in pressure can put a mechanical strain on pipes, joints, and valves, which will ultimately cause these parts to fail much sooner than they were designed to. With proper maintenance, you can avoid such hassles that tend to occur on your way to work, during a vacation, or when the family is set for a relaxing afternoon—or any other inconvenient time plumbing problems tend to occur.

Improved Air Quality

A severe leak or a steady drip of water from a loose connection, small crack, or hole can lead to air quality hazards. It doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to take hold in a moist area. The effects on the air quality can trigger allergies, congestion, and breathing problems. A professional plumber can make repairs before mold develops or to stop it from continuing to grow and put your air quality at risk. Your family can, therefore, breathe easier.

Plumbing, sewer pipe repair, and regular maintenance also:

  • Improve hygiene, promoting a cleaner environment at home.
  • Conserve water—the EPA estimates a home leak can waste up to 10,000 gallons a year.
  • Alert you to potential issues, before there’s trouble, through a complete inspection.
  • Afford access to qualified professionals familiar with home plumbing issues.

Plumbing Maintenance by All Star Service & Repair

Why Hire a Plumbing Repair Specialist?

Without any plumbing experience, the best you can do is troubleshoot a problem and experiment with a way to fix it. Many homeowners try to save money by following simplified instructions online. Even if it’s possible to come to a quick fix, how do you know it will last, and what will you do if something unexpected arises?

Try to do it yourself, and you might spend much more in the end than you needed to. You could cause more damage or miss the underlying problem entirely, leaving the system vulnerable to the same issue you tried to address in the first place. Plumbing repair professionals have extensive training and experience under their belts. Maintenance is something they do every day; you’re better off with specialists dealing with the problem because they have:

  • Extensive knowledge of plumbing systems and potential problems
  • Skills to inspect and diagnose a residential or commercial plumbing system
  • Tools designed for the sole purpose of correcting plumbing issues
  • Licensing and insurance, so there’s no charge for potential damage they cause
  • Knowledge of how to find the origin of leaks
  • The ability to shut off the water supply and change a pipe
  • Safety procedures in case the plumbing needs to be accessed through walls and ceilings

Always ask your local plumber about who is doing the work. Remember to inquire about experience and qualifications; in larger projects, a team of plumbers and contractors may be used. Don’t give the go-ahead unless you’re absolutely certain of their honesty.

If you get a free estimate, make sure labor and materials are included, along with the anticipation of any problems. Any issue, including a broken sewer, should involve a visit to your property to investigate. The plumber can, therefore, provide a more accurate estimate of the cost. Also, if you’re quoted a flat rate, you won’t continue to pay for labor if the job runs longer than expected, as is the case if the plumber charges an hourly rate.

Also, ask about who handles the cleanup when the work is finished. Another factor is that plumbing is prone to breakage. Don’t sign a contract unless you know the specifics of the company’s guarantee or warranty. Inquire as to whether items are covered, which ones are, and under what conditions if there’s a problem such as a leak.

These steps, while they may take a little time, are important. A specialist should handle the work. Otherwise, you risk making costly mistakes and even putting yourself in danger. The risks include personal injury and breathing in mold that’s proliferated in the presence of moisture or even bacteria that thrive in this environment.

Also, most homeowners aren’t equipped with the most effective plumbing tools; your average wrench isn’t going to help much. Plumbers are equipped with the tools to quickly and effectively correct the problem.

Why Use All-Star Service & Repair?

Our plumbers are trained and qualified, and our business has been serving customers for over 60 years. Home and business owners throughout the Salt Lake City area have relied on us for fixing leaks and blockages, getting their sinks and toilets working, and replacing sewer lines. There’s no guesswork because we are committed to getting the job done right, guaranteeing quality service, and providing quick resolutions.

We’re also the best because we offer:

  • 24/7 emergency repair services
  • Licensed and insured specialists
  • Qualified, professional plumbers
  • A full range of plumbing services
  • Sewer line repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Free estimates

A leaky faucet may seem like a simple problem to fix. You may even ignore it, brushing off the problem as inconsequential. Even the smallest of leaks can, at the very least, waste water, but they can also lead to more serious issues that culminate in broken plumbing and extensive water damage. A full-service plumber will fix the problem quickly, whether it involves replacing a washer or O-ring or finding the source of pressure problems.

In addition to expensive repairs, plumbing maintenance helps avoid emergencies. All-Star can get to your property 24/7, but why risk being stranded with no water when you can have routine service by our local team of professional plumbers? In most cases, maintenance will protect your plumbing and home against problems that can be potentially devastating.

A preventative maintenance plan will enable you to get to know your local plumber. Investigating the system examines exactly how it is working. When an issue does arise, you know who to call when emergency repairs are necessary. At the very least, you can optimize the performance of the plumbing system so it’s reliable, safe, and efficient.

Learn more about All-Star Service & Repair and our plumbing services and HVAC services online, or call us today at 801-305-3876 to receive a free estimate.

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