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Water entering your home comes through a single pipe, called your home water main. When wastewater is flushed away, it leaves via a single pipe as well, called the sewer line. Because this single line is responsible for all of your home’s wastewater, it can be particularly vulnerable to problems. If you’re experiencing drainage problems or need a sewer line repair in your home, All Star Service and Repair is pleased to offer Salt Lake City sewer line replacement for clogged and broken sewer lines in addition to our comprehensive plumbing services.

Diagnosing a Broken Sewer Line

It’s important to recognize the signs that you need a broken sewer line repair. The sooner you call your plumber for main sewer repair, the less you’ll risk damage to your home or yard from an untreated wastewater leak or backup.

  • Unpleasant odors are often a sign of sewer line problems, as the gases from untreated wastewater feed back into your home or into your yard from a leak or clog.
  • Changes in your lawn, such as a clear indentation, standing water, or a contained area of overgrowth, are all likely signs of a damaged sewer line, which will leak excess water into the ground around it.
  • Frequent plumbing clogs or backups can sometimes be attributed to a problem in your sewer line, particularly when they affect multiple fixtures in your home. Tree roots often break and subsequently clog sewer lines, causing multiple problems to appear at once.

Salt Lake City Sewer Repair Services

The right method of main sewer repair depends on the problem affecting your home’s plumbing. When your plumber arrives, he’ll first evaluate the issue and the condition of your sewer line to look for clogged sewer pipes. Once the problem has been identified, he’ll suggest the best sewer repair solution to restore your plumbing’s function.

  • Offset and deteriorating pipes may be caused by shifts in the soil around your home, as well as older sewer lines that have outlived their expected lifetime. Sewer repair for these solutions typically involves relining an aging pipe for a fresh start or joining the ends of an offset pipe for proper drainage.
  • Collapsed and clogged sewer pipes are usually cased by tree roots. Your plumber will first use powerful chemicals to eliminate the roots in the line before replacing the damaged portion of sewer pipe to restore normal drainage.

All Star Service and Repair offers our clients a combined 60 years of experience in Salt Lake City sewer repair and other plumbing services. You can reach us today by calling (801) 305-3876 to request a free estimate or to speak with an emergency rooter service in Salt Lake City.

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